Transfer Window closes…season begins


The start of September sees two important things happen.  First, the transfer window in Europe closes, bringing the end of silly season once more.  This window has seen some very big moves, and even bigger dollars moving around Europe, with the Premier League seeing its biggest spending window of all time.  Call it inflation.  Call it the influx of the mega-rich new owners.  Call it the pressure for the big clubs to win.  Whatever it is, it makes for a lively few weeks and several very new-looking teams, especially the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool, and Chelsea.

The second, and that part we here at like most, is the real start to the season.   There has been a couple of fun early weeks in the Premier League, as well as the first games in La Liga and Serie A, but following the International Break we will start to see all the leagues come alive.

You as a manager will now need to manage your squad through all the league games, the European Cups (if you have been able to draft players participating in the Champions or Europa Leagues), and the Domestic Cup competitions.  Be sure to find those players that have 2-game weeks, and carefully select your captain as the person who will get those important double points that week.