Transfer Talk: Man Utd Strikers


As the Premier League season finishes, the transfer season kicks-in in full gear.  A couple of initial decisions have already been made that impact Manchester United – (1) Radamel Falcao will not be there next season, and (2) Javier Hernandez will not be at Real Madrid next season.  But where will they go?

Falcao – with his massive weekly salary there aren’t a lot of clubs that can afford him.  He didn’t seem to either enjoy or thrive in England, so we are thinking that he will either stay in Moncao for a season, or else go to one of the Madrids (our money would be on Atletico unless Real lose another big name), or else maybe to one of the big Italian clubs like Internazionale. Whatever he does, he better have a big season or else he won’t get another big contract again.

Chicharito – still  a fairly young player that has already played in a lot of games for United.  However, we don’t think he’ll make the front line as a regular for LVG’s team next year.  As he doesn’t have the salary that Falcao does there are more options open to him.  We’re leaning towards either a mid-table La Liga club that struggled for goals last season (perhaps a Malaga or a Real Sociedad), or maybe he will venture off into the Bundesliga where he would surely get more regular starts.