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Week 5 Preview


After the international break, we’re back with Week 5, and there are some big domestic leagues games this weekend! In England, the Premier League gets back going again with a thrilling early Saturday game as Manchester City head south and take on Arsenal at the Emirates.  With seemingly no new injuries for either side from […]

Who to Draft?

Draft Board Pic

It’s the start of a new fantasy season and you’re trying to figure out who to draft and in what order.  Should you go for Forwards first?  When should you grab your main Goalie?  How many defenders should you keep on your squad? Well, we can’t answer those questions, but we can give you some […]

Soccer Hourly Wage Lowest of Major Sports…


We recently saw an interesting article on cnn.com about the highest team salaries in sports.  We have seen others that get down to the specific player salaries also.   This got us thinking. Are these salaries fair to compare against each other? Let’s take a look at the top 10 individual earners for 2013.  We […]

A Classic Classico

Blog Post  - La Liga Review (2.2.14)

A 4-goal first half.  A 3-penalty second half.  The world’s 2 greatest players scoring 4 of the goals, their nerves rock-solid as they slotted home penalty after penalty.   85,000+ fans.  A red card and 7 yellow cards.  The game had everything. As the blaugrana entered the Bernabeu in front of an over-capacity crowd, the […]

Spanish La Liga – 3 Races

Blog Post  - La Liga Review (2.2.14)

We’ve now passed the half-way point in the season and there are three races taking place in Spain’s La Liga. 1. The Top.  This is undoubtedly going down to the wire.  We at Draftsoccer believe it will come down to 2 things to determine whether Barcelona regain the title, whether Real Madrid win their 33rd, or […]

Cristiano Bale…Madrid Batman!

Blog Post  - Real Madrid (1.20.14)

Well, you may have wondered if it would work when Gareth Bale joined Real Madrid this year, I know that we are DraftSoccer were certainly curious.  44 goals and 16 assists in 43 total games played would lean us towards a resounding yes….so far. The real proof will be in the ever-critical second half of […]