Rooney Signs – >$3500 / minute played


Moyes found him and started him at Everton at aged 16. Since then he’s been the single most reliable fixture in the England lineup, as well as playing for years at Manchester United.

The ongoing question this year has been, will Wayne Rooney be staying at Manchester United? Will be move down to London and pull on one of Roman Abramovich’s jerseys? Or will be hop on the Eurostar and play alongside Zlatan in Paris? Well, the answer came today as the England striker finally signed his long-awaited contract extension, keeping him at Old Trafford for another 4 years.

The deal? Not too shabby if you ask us. Moving forward, Rooney will now be making 300,000 British Pounds PER WEEK! Let’s put that into perspective. That’s about $470,000 per week. Another view is if we consider top teams like United play about a game and a half a week on the average. Assuming he were to play all games and all minutes in each game (obviously unlikely), this would mean he’s going to earn $3500 per minute!