Potential Collusion in Italy? Can’t be, surely!


The qualifying rounds of cup tournaments are always fun and can potentially have high and unusual scores. Well, this is no difference in the lower league tournaments.

In Italy’s Coppa Sicilia one team is being investigated for a specific game that pushes the limits of “unusual score”. The team in question, SSD Bagheira, was already trailing 6-3 to their opponents, Borgata Terrenove. Now, Borgata was still in with a shot at moving on to the next qualifying stage. The thing was, they had to beat Bagheira by a lot more goals than the 3 they were leading by at that point. Everything is about stats after all.

This is when the “slightly” suspicious events started to unfold. The final 10 minutes saw Borgata put 8, yes EIGHT, own-goals against their own keeper! Suspicious? Well, we at Draftsoccer don’t like to judge, so we’ll leave it to you and the FIGC.