Champions League Final set….


After dominating the Italian league for the last couple of years, winning comfortably again this year, it was no surprise that Juventus competed well in the Champions League this season.  However, when they made it to the semis, the staff here at Draftsoccer certainly felt they may have reached the end of their campaign.  After beating teams from Sweden, Greece, and Spain in their group phase, they continued through the continent and beat German and French teams, before reaching their toughest challenge – holders and 10-time winners Real Madrid.  Juventus could not be held down though, and after a fairly frantic victorious first leg at home, they put in a strong performance in Madrid in the second leg to put out the holders and send them home with potentially no trophies this season.

The other semi final was no less exciting and was potentially more anticipated as Barcelona took on German champions Bayern Munich.  And, while they split the two games home and away, Barcelona did look to be in control overall and most likely to progress to the final.  The Spanish giants also toured Europe on their way to beating teams from Cyprus, Holland, France, England, before beating their German semi-final opponents on the way back to Germany for the final against Juventus.

Who will win?  We’re going to say that the Barcelona front line of Messi, Neymar, and Suarez will be a little stronger than the midfield skill of Pogba, Marchisio, and Vital and Barcelona takes the trophy….but we could well be wrong of course!