A Classic Classico

Blog Post  - La Liga Review (2.2.14)

A 4-goal first half.  A 3-penalty second half.  The world’s 2 greatest players scoring 4 of the goals, their nerves rock-solid as they slotted home penalty after penalty.   85,000+ fans.  A red card and 7 yellow cards.  The game had everything. As the blaugrana entered the Bernabeu in front of an over-capacity crowd, the […]

Champions League Elite 8

Blog Post - Champions League (2.18.14)

With the NCAA tournament getting underway, we take a look at the Elite 8 teams left in the Champions League.  This is point where the randomness really kicks in as the Quarter Finals are where the Association protection is removed.  i.e., there could be a Classico, Manchester United could play Chelsea, or the top 2 […]

League Form Continues in Champions League

Blog Post - Champions League (2.18.14)

The 3 teams playing in the Champions League on Tuesday continued their English, Spanish, and Italian domestic league form. Over the two-leg Round of 16 games, just 1 of the 3 progressed, and as would be expected it was Atletico Madrid. In the Spanish capital, Atletico took apart AC Milan with a 4-1 victory, giving […]

Man Utd Transformation


There’s still 4 months until you need to get your draft preparation done for next years season, but there’s no reason not to start looking at some of the big changes that might take place over the summer. There surely won’t be any bigger potential transformation than will take place at Old Trafford this summer. […]

EPL Saturday Roundup


It’s a mixed weekend of games this weekend with both league games and FA Cup games. Starting in the league, Chelsea battled Tottenham Hotspur to an even 0-0 score at the half. However, they turned up the pressure at home in the second half with a couple of goals in the space of a few […]

Cover Them In Bubble Wrap?


With less than 100 days until the kick-off to the World Cup in Brazil, we think about whether players will try and protect themselves a little more than normal. At this point, any sort of medium-to-serious injury will knock a player out of the tournament. There are only a few players that are in contention […]

City throw United a European lifeline


Well Mancunians, time to kiss and make up as you both won today. As we double-checked the rules of the league cup we remembered that the runner up does not get the European league spot if the winner is already in. Instead, that spot goes to the 6th team in the league. So, Manchester City’s […]